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    This depends, if you're constantly hopping around every few weeks you'll need a lot of clients to keep going, so reputation is everything.

    You need to build a base of clients and look long term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brooky View Post
    yes.... its not happened yet has it...

    whats with the "oh dear"
    It hasn't but determinations should be hitting Oct/Nov followed quickly by notice periods to avoid any retrospective issues and payments happening afterwards. Also a longer term view of where your role (in general, not at your current gig) will sit in the client determining future lies needs to be understood.

    Desktop support has its own challenges when it comes to IR35 as it is, partially IMO and based on some of the standard IR35 criteria, and then when you are covering it looks just like temping. Not working that are is it worth having a discussion about how nervous clients may view the role going forward? Or is it more black and white (IR35 wise) than I realise?
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