"I can't tell you who the client is at the moment" "I can't tell you who the client is at the moment" - Page 3
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    Yes, I have asked my accountant.


    Quote Originally Posted by majestic579 View Post
    Been applying but starts off promising they tell me the client I insist on it then I don't hear from them again they dont call back or anything - makes me think feck em and go direct.

    How does the strategy of going direct work?

    I might add I am hard of hearing and use text relay system - can speak well but hella can't hear on the phone. recruiters I think just bloody lazy like talking all day on the phone and no work done.

    Some times I feel the end client didn't even get my CV.... the market looks bad though...is it?
    As for going direct, I only know a few contractors that do it and they all say the same thing, "I'm still chasing an invoice from February..."

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    I reckon 90% of the recruiters life is spent chasing after clients with no success, whilst always having to convince contractors that there is a juicy gig even when they haven't been able to contact the client at all. Just for that 1 in 100 times the client says 'okay, give me a dev then' and they need to be ready to hit the client with quality CVs at a moment's notice.

    One way of explaining being a shoe in for so many roles and hearing **** all back.

    The others are all stuff like taking me off the market while pretending.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PerfectStorm View Post
    What is the point of agents holding back client names? I seem to get two types of calls - one where it's known and you might eek it out of them by the end of the call, and one where they just flat out tell you in the first sentence. What difference does it make to me to know who's hiring?

    Had one agent call me up today wanting to know the full ins and outs of my last role, what I was getting paid there, why I left etc etc but when it comes to their new lead they wouldn't tell me. Based on the location and industry sector I worked it out and told them anyway, and the phone call continued as normal. But why the secrecy?

    Also had the balls to email a list of questions including my last 'line manager' reference and also a list of any opportunities I'm currently pursuing and at what stage oh, Agents...
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