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    Asking a random bunch of internet weirdos to comment on a situation we have no knowledge of, no real tangible insight in to doesn't really help but fuel speculation.

    Everything here is pure speculation and it would be best resolved by asking the client why it is only a 2 week extension. It could be for a number of issues.... Budget sign off? New IR35 Rules? New Business win pending? Or shutting you out over Xmas before bringing you back?

    None of us know and only you can ask the client.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostofTarbera View Post
    It’s like you tell your lover you are getting a penis extension she assumes you are getting a whopper and dreams of big boy sex, but you come home with an extra inch.

    Your wife should have asked you, how long

    Ask the same question of the client to avoid disappointment

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    I'm not convinced it helps for you to project your own personal problems onto the OP's contractual dilemma, but ICBW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ContractorHardman View Post
    Asking a random bunch of internet weirdos ... None of us know and only you can ask the client.
    You are ultimately right of course but some of that speculation covered things I hadn’t previously thought about, so success as far as I’m concerned.

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