Direct contract with end client - IR35 status Direct contract with end client - IR35 status
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    Default Direct contract with end client - IR35 status

    I have been providing providing my services (IT architecture) to my end client via my LTD company for the last 2 years having direct contract agreement between my LTD company and end client LTD company. The end client is one of the biggest system integrator companies in the UK. During this time I worked on two different projects for two of their customers.
    There is no agency element involved. My company is set up as a vendor supplying myself as a resource to projects ran by the end client. My current contract is deemed to be outside of IR35 (according to Qdos review service).
    I wander whether coming change in IR35 legislation in the Private Sector may lead to any implications to my current engagement setup? Has anyone contracting directly (without agency involved) done any research in this area?

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    No research necessary. If your working practices are exactly as described, including all the usual SOWs and payment terms foa supplier, then you won't suddenly be inside IR35 in April unless your client says you are.

    So talk to the client and make sure everyone is on the right page to make the necessary outside IR35 decision and document it properly.

    It might help to show them a copy of IPSE's notes on the subject - How NOT to let IR35 ruin your business
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