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    Quote Originally Posted by edison View Post
    That isn't the case in my experience. For example, I lost a really good member of my team this year who suddenly resigned not long after I had agreed for him to be promoted. I bent over backwards to try and keep him, more than I'd ever done for anyone I've ever worked with (and he was the most junior person in the team), but to no avail.

    The exit interview report from HR did contain a lot of stuff that frankly, wasn't that useful, but there were 2-3 things about team culture that I thought were very helpful especially as there was a lot of discontent in the team at the time.

    Like a lot of these things, the value can depend on many factors. In some companies it is just lip service but in others it is considered important. In this example, I discussed it with the Global CIO.
    Quote Originally Posted by billybiro View Post
    And the CIO immediately sprang into action making meaningful, sweeping changes to ensure this would never happen again, amirrite?

    "Discussing it" is one thing, but talk is very cheap.
    Some fairly significant changes were made in this case by myself after consulting with the CIO. This coincided with a review/restructuring of the IT function and some perm staff were given a pretty good pay rise. Communication was improved with various teams and there was more transparency/encouragement on some of the recruitment/promotion across several junior roles.

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    Yes, I have asked my accountant.


    No issues if it's on billable time or a quick phone thing

    Rigidly finding reasons to whinge about IR35 isn't real world.

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