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    I was at Barclays in 2008, only a short stint though. Was based at Harbour Exchange Square in Canary Wharf.

    Went back in 2011 for a year and a bit and then back again in 2017 for another year and a bit.

    I left saying 'never again' but that would contradict my 'never say never' life philosophy

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    Quote Originally Posted by quackhandle View Post
    Always remember working at Barclays Radbroke 2008 and how stuffy the attitude was, had to wear suit/tie etc. Anyone laughing, well, that was a no-no.

    Then going back 4 years later and totally different atmosphere, all mainframe guys pensioned off, staff mostly young graduates, all soya lattes and the latest skunkworks project. Very odd.

    I'll be 45 next birthday so a few years to work out what the latest long player is popular in the hit parade.

    Oh thank god they changed. I worked there for a month to cover a consultant around 2006. I absolutely hated it, could hear a pin drop in the office.

    I’m one of these older contractors now. I look and act younger. I also have more drive and a stronger work ethic than almost everyone I work with. They are either old and hanging on for Pension/VR, Young suck ups who spend all day working on their next stand up pitch whilst delivering sod all business value, or young and couldn’t give a tulip, come up with every excuse to work from home, usually as a result of getting smashed with their peers in the office mid week.
    Most normal people have the brains to go contracting, or want to.

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