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    Quote Originally Posted by BrilloPad View Post
    No banks or financial services are taking on contractors now. Or ever again.
    Maybe not you but they are still doing this taking other routes like hiring management consultants & or outsourcers who hire the contractor directly instead bypassing all the usual onboarding rules nonsense!

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    As long as you present the documentation you them, it takes a couple of days.

    Company incorporation Certificate
    VAT Certificate
    Proof of ID (Photo page of Passport)
    Proof of Permission to Work in the UK (Visa) (if required)
    Company Bank details (scan of bank statement with financial details blurred out)
    Professional Indemnity Insurance
    Public Liability Insurance

    Very straight forward, and you will get access to their portal for timesheet completion.

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    Based on what everyone else is saying I would call them up. Maybe they are waiting for something from you when you are waiting for them.

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    Ring them, perhaps they don't deal with many direct contractors so are used to agencies chasing them to get the client over the line before they lose them. That's your job with no agent.
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