IR35 status when contracting from abroad IR35 status when contracting from abroad
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    Default IR35 status when contracting from abroad


    My UK Ltd company provides consulting services to my UK based client. They have requested to all contractors to use the CEST tool to assess if we are inside or outside IR35. I recently moved to Spain whilst temporarily (for the next month or so) will carry on working for my UK Ltd company providing the consulting services.

    So the plan is to set myself up here in Spain as an "autonomo" (equivalent to sole trader) and contract with the UK client, invoicing them monthly. This could be directly with the client or via an international umbrella company (yet to be defined).

    In my case, am I inside or outside IR35? Does IR35 even apply to me as I will not be a UK resident or tax payer?

    Thanks for you help.

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    IR35 can only apply if there is an intermediary. If you are effectively self employed then there is no intermediary.

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    IR35 doesn't apply as you will be self-employed in Spain.
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