Any IT contractors up for fighting Covid for free? Any IT contractors up for fighting Covid for free? - Page 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoobos View Post
    I've just done it (hopefully) by reaching out to NHS national.

    If you want to help, they won't knock back free / cost labour in I.T, just write to them!
    Not a bad shout old chap. Though I remember NHS Digitals director bad mouthing us at the HMRC tribunals and will try not to hold a grudge

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    Quote Originally Posted by eek View Post
    Sorry but that to me seems good enough for their needs. It works, uses technology people are already using and doesn't require any real effort.

    Now show me a system that requires days of admin to do things or needs confirmation that tasks are completed and I would sell them a suitable solution but given their requirements they have what they need with no change management requirements.

    Edit to add - a salesman sells solutions to pains and issues the customer is aware of. If you can't solve their current issues don't waste time and find another customer.
    Reminds me of some young buck whose nose I put out on linkedin.

    He was going on and on about everyone should use microservices as they are easy. I pointed out different clients have different business requirements and needs, you tailor solution to that. He didn't agree and ranted about how he'd worked on a £Xm project for a bank... I didn't have the heart to point out their requirements may well have aligned with use of microservices but that's not the case everywhere.

    I was tempted to wind him up by pointing out I preferred when microservices were called remote EJBs and CORBA...

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