Anyone who has 'went perm', how has it been? Anyone who has 'went perm', how has it been? - Page 11
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    Quote Originally Posted by PCTNN View Post
    Ok, but just because you're asking
    Could you send me fifty quid please?
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    Yes, I have asked my accountant.


    Quote Originally Posted by PCTNN View Post
    Were you sitting on a beach or were you in New York last year when you were crying like a baby about how long you had been on the bench and couldn't find anything?
    For some of it, yes ;-)

    I was mindful of the pipeline was all!

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    Hated being permie, but have to admit, the conferences were great. I remember going to Dublin for annual European user group. Basically got hammered for 3 days, went to a few talks, which i didn't really take much notice of, and all paid for by the company. Happy days they were

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    Present your clients work at the conference and you can be paid to attend as an IR35 contractor.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PerfectStorm View Post
    Not having to go to company conferences (where people pretend to be interested in their company/industry) or have to take training (where people pretend that it's useful, impartial, accurate etc.) is surely a bonus. Both of those things are massive drags on permanent employment life.

    When I'm sat on a beach somewhere or staying in a nice hotel in New York I don't sit there thinking "I wish I was at the Management Consultant Expo in Olympia or undertaking some internal accreditation training"
    I'm just up the road from Olympia, you should give me a shout next time

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