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    Quote Originally Posted by WTFH View Post
    OK, you can believe what you want.
    It's the client, not the agent, who can say if you can use your own equipment or not when connecting to their systems.

    If the client will not allow you to use your own equipment, but you have it written in to your contract, then your options are to refuse to work for the client, stating your contract, or to breach your contract.
    If you choose to breach your contract then either you will need to draw up a new one with the agent - and hope that they don't decide to sting you for another 10% for wasting their time, or you need to hope the agent is incompetent enough not to spot you have breached it, and so they decide to pay you. But they could choose not to.

    Or, there's the fun twist on it - client agrees you can use your own equipment, but insists that they install software on it which controls and monitors what you're doing. That way your equipment is now tied to them, even if you use it for other clients, for other business use or for personal use.
    Thanks, they have mentioned I will use my own equipment, I wondered whether adding this into the contract would be useful or not - I am proposing a number of changes as the contract isn't IR35 compliant - given they are a Polish agency i dare say they don't give a toss..

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    No it's not useful.

    What is more useful is to have it detailed where your work locations are e.g. your company's offices or simply to have it state you can work where ever you decide. Then ensure your company's address is somewhere on the contract.

    To be fair there are organisations out there were contractors get their insurance from who can give you template contracts if you pay. Also be aware more clauses don't make a contract better if the contract is to come under the law of any UK jurisdiction.
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