How many bars and clubs have a jukebox? How many bars and clubs have a jukebox?
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    Default How many bars and clubs have a jukebox?

    1000's right....

    why on earth are they still using cd's?

    Shouldn't they be using MP3 and be able to connect to a huge server to download new tracks as they wish?

    Wouldn't it be good if a pub/bar could download tracks to suit the theme of the evening or allow people to request ANY track they like rather than choose from the often poor cd selection?

    All properly regulated with the RIAA (or whoever!) but I reckon it's a top idea and could well be the future of pub/bar/club jukeboxes....ditto music videos of course!

    Does it exist already? Anyone interested?

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    roger rabbit



    Keep music live.

    A musician.

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    Default keep moosak live

    another musician.
    but it's a cool idea. like it! like it so much in fact that i've already knocked up a demo and will be demo-ing it tomorrow 9am sharp at my local speakeasy.

    (harctuallee, if i were you, i'd get it (the idea) off this board smartish!)

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    Mark Snowdon


    Default been trialed at least

    I remember creading about the broadband deal being done to supply the places.

    dont remember who though

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    Default Re: keep moosak live

    perhaps - but I would rather collaboarate with some people on the idea.

    I think it's worth investigating. Of course it would all be open source based so using Unix/MySQL etc.....

    Think In-Movies dvd rental but MP3 for pubs and bars....

    You could even have real dj's playing and the pubs and bars pay for the one they want in their venue all streamed over the net...

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    Default Re: been trialed at least

    I noticed that there were a few sites with open-source 'media' browsers for their homes and thought 'why not use something similar in a pub/bar/club' as a jukebox.....hook it up to a broadband connection, download tracks over night or as requested over a vpn and hey-presto one mp3 pub jukebox!

    Oh and this idea is now copyright - gonna e-mail my first post to myself as proof!

    Update: Pants!! It's already done and available.... >:

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    > why on earth are they still using cd's?

    a lot of reasons forces them to do it, one of which that there is no legal _digital_ alternative to CDs.

    > All properly regulated with the RIAA

    RIAA wont get it, in 5 years they will leave this world (or change form considerably, which is unlikely) and things get better.

    rabbit says:

    > Keep music live. A musician.

    Rabbit better stick to your tax advices of having to have 5 mil to retire, not a penny less. Live music sucks!

    - 20Gb personal MP3 jukebox user

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    Great idea. Sorry though I had 18 months ago and researched it then to discover I was too late.

    There are a couple of systems already in action. There quite big in Asia and are moving there way here. There is a commercial system in the US and the licensing board pointed me at a NASDAQ company.

    Saw a great one a couple of weeks ago in a bar in........ I forget where. Anyway exactly as I thought, images of the cds covers which you can flip through, CD search system etc etc.

    Very good, but whether it completely takes off is another matter.

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    You don't "copyright" ideas for a business or product.

    "Copyright" is for protecting works of art (manuscripts etc)

    If it's a product or design for a product or a diagram etc then you can apply for a "Patent" to protect it but that takes years and for any decent protection you need to apply for a Wordwide patent which also takes years and costs thousands and thousands!

    If you've dreamt up a Name to market this wonderful ide under then you can prtect that name by claiming a "Trademark" status, but hey we'll just think up a better name!

    Either way, you're screwed, you just told all of us a great idea and now we're all gonna nick it and there's bugger all you can do about it!

    Be more careful next time! :lol

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