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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelyDan View Post
    I think it's a case that someone at SS knows this agent, & has asked for them to find someone who can provide 'x'.
    If it happens then I'll be pleased, obviously, but it's still early doors as I've not yet spoken/interviewed with the hirer at SS...they're apparently reviewing my details currently.

    Re; your position seems something like one of those Managed Services set-ups...LAI by any chance with milestone deliverables?
    Not LAI, there are bucket loads of them to chose from but yes exactly that setup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelyDan View Post
    Been approached about an outside determined role with the above - poss. 18 months duration - gov dept. related - fully remote (not a tech role though). Early stage of discussion but thought I'd put feelers out on here. Any recent insights on working with them? Good/bad/indifferent?
    I've searched & last post I could see was 2019 but not based around experiences working with them; previous post to that was 2016...
    Did a 15 month stint with them. Was a Banking, not Gov. client. Went fine. No issues.
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    Did a gig on their client site for a few years with sopra steria.

    Bog standard outsourcer. Nothing special. Plenty of offshore staff...
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