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    Quote Originally Posted by David71 View Post
    Why close your Ltd, couldn't you just let it lie dormant while in the inside IR35 role? My accountant offers a discount if you need to go inside IR35 for a while and he doesn't have to do as much work for your Ltd. - might be worth asking yours' for the same?
    Dormant and unused are two totally different things. There are steps to make a company dormant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostofTarbera View Post
    Indeed his contract could get canned next week

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    I have come to the conclusion that IR35 in April will kill what is left of the PSC contract market. How far this evaluation may have been influenced by what covid has done this year I can't judge but I have never seen so few genuine contracts. I struggled in Jan/Feb to find anything decent and managed to luck into a gig in March but you can't pay bills with luck so I am going a different way.

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