SC clearance and Contact work SC clearance and Contact work
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    Default SC clearance and Contact work

    Hi All,

    I am currently working as a full time employee for a a giant IT company. I have recently received an opportunity of doing some contract work for 1 year. I am planning on taking up this contract under my limited company.

    My current employer has recently asked me that I need to get SC Cleared for the upcoming projects. This has created following doubts in my mind regarding contracting.

    1. If I get SC cleared I will be stating the truth and telling them that I am also making money via the ltd company.
    2. Is my employer going to find out all this information.
    3. Can I really do contract work without telling my employer. I am not sure whether the company will appreciate me having a full time job with them and doing contract work.

    I donot really want to end up loosing my full time job even if there is 50% of messing this up.

    Please advise what my options are.


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    You employment contract will tell you whether you can do work on the side. Most likely it will either have a straight "no", or a requirement to get permission. Either way, you talk to your employer first.
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    SC clearance is about you being trust worthy enough to work with sensitive infirmation. Its not going to look very good if you are trying to hide something to get it will it.

    If your employer checks your logs will they find anything to so with your side project? Using their time to do it will certainly get you in hot water.
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    Options are simple.

    Tell your employer unless there is a specific clause in your contract of employment that covers this already. You may need to talk to HR to be certain. chances are there will be a non-compete clause in there as well, just to make life even more difficult.

    Learn an awful lot more about what you are getting into. Contracting right now is a mess, and the chances of you being able to use your Ltd Co in two months time are pretty slim.

    Clearance is nothing to do with it either way. But hiding stuff (and remember that if they don't already know they will find out) is a good way to to fail.
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    to add to the other comments, the vetting people at your current company, if they are the sponsor, may well get to see your application.
    Whether the vetting people tell HR or not is a matter of internal policy.

    But this could be a whole world of pain just for the sake of greed.
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