SAP where to start? SAP where to start?
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    Default SAP where to start?

    Hi all
    Thinkin of tryin 2 learn SAP to try and get into doing some SAP cosultancy roles. I have looked around the market and seen so many different positions related with SAP.

    Basically thinking of gettin sum certification but is the standard certifcation of SAP even related to SAP jobs does anyone know? I have had a look at SAP website but even there it looks confusing as to where would i want to start?
    Does anyone have any ideas? please?


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    You want to learn SAP eh? Good luck…. :lol SAP is one of the tricky products to break into. Companies won’t employ you as a contractor unless you’re experienced and certification (costing £000’s) won’t guarantee you a job. You really need to begin as a permie with a company installing SAP, they’ll pay for your training and give you the experience.

    But if you’re keen and prepared to pay for the certification, it’s the only way to get your foot in the door if you’re a new SAP contractor – forget the consultant title, only 5+ years in SAP will give you that…

    What do you do at the moment? SAP is a HUGE product and you’re going to need to specialise: Finance, HR, Distribution, whatever.

    SAP training methodology is based on three principles: Awareness, Readiness and Proficiency.

    Level 1 training introduces you to SAP concepts, Level 2 focuses on core business processes and level 3 gives mastery in a particular area.

    Then you have to find a company prepared to be your first client, that’s the difficult bit… :lol :lol

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    There's a job for you on another thread, Milan. Don't waste your time here man!!

    :lol :lol

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    Thanks again for the reply. I think I best go nad ahve a rethinka bout this at the moment.

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    Capn Graybeard



    Basically thinking of gettin sum certification
    You should book some in grammar and spelling at the same time - these days "sum" is not enough!


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    Martin Underwood


    Default "Er, wot's a consultant?"

    I almost had to pick myself off the floor upon hearing that classic contractor quote:
    "I'm trying to become a XYZ consultant. I've read an article / talked to a bloke in the pub (delete as appropriate) and I've heard they make a fortune. What's the easiest way to become one. Oh, I want to start on 100K next month if possible".

    A consultant is paid money to offer advice and expertise on a product. No one, I repeat, no one, will employ you as a SAP consultant without several past successful implementations behind you, certification or no certification. That is why they get paid a lot of money, because expertise is worth its weight in gold.

    Oh, and as someone else has pointed out, spend your money more wisely on English language courses.

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    Default sap

    i agree with jacko
    For your info i know several consultancies who did mass layoffs of senior sap perm functional consultants
    On the tech side ABAP programming is outsourced in India and rates have dropped like stones
    Also, sap courses are bloody expensive and in the current market i think you wont find a job without experience.

    You need to specialise in a module. Dont believe that the sap market is good in general. Only a few specific modules are in demand right now like BW, SEM and such but you need lots of exp

    I am a sap consultant myself (BC) retraining in other areas.

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    Default Re: sap

    .Net man, that's what you should be doing.

    Forget this SAP stuff, in a few years there won't be any SAP everyone will have written apps much quicker and much better in .Net .

    And that's a fact that few people seem to grasp or realise.

    Milan .Net Benes.

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    Default About .Net

    Guys, I am an MBA from the University of Greenwich, London....I am 24 years old...I have about a year's experience in sales...and now I am working as a Business Development Manager for a UK company, having its headquarters in Germany. I am thinking about doing SAP certification in Sales and Distribution...when would be the right time for me to do it?..and what is the whole discussion about .Net??


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    Why have you dragged up an old thread?

    Start your own thread to get advice rather than drag up something that is 5 years old.

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