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    One of my friends recently had exactly this situation - she was told that the client wanted to interview her then afterwards was informed that she'd have a phone interview with the agency first to see if she'd 'suit the role'.

    I've been in the same situation with the same agency a few years ago, I think its just the way some of them do things.

    I wish the agency we used at my (previous) permi company had bothered to do it instead of submitting a load of CVs for people that didn't last 5 minutes in the interviews we held!

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    Could also be that Client has seen a "decent fit" already.... and now wants to get a feel of the other candidates before going through with the "proper" interviews.

    Could explain the *rse about face scheduling.

    If its this then you really need to come across well on the phone.... but thats your target every time anyway so - Don't sweat it! Its just one of those things.......

    FWIW I always assume the Client has "someone in mind" before they see me so I really have to stand out.... I find it helps me relax (If they already have someone in mind then there is "no pressure" on me)...
    I find I am much "better" when relaxed.. rather than coming across as desperate/needy etc.
    YMMV - Obviously

    Good luck anyway !

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    Default do you lose anything???

    simply accept this chat. why bother to find out what its for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave68 View Post
    The odd thing is the order in which it was done, i.e. first set up a face to face meeting with no mention of a prior phone interview, then a few days later arrange a hitherto unmentioned phone 'chat' prior to the face to face. Seemed a bit strange.

    Or they most likely interviewed a few already and discovered they were not even close to being good enough for the job/had completely different skills sets/had been 'missold' the role by agent/so forth and decided best to way to avoid wasting everyones time was pre interview remaining people first

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyQuinn View Post
    simply accept this chat. why bother to find out what its for?
    I was merely curious, due to the cockeyed scheduling.

    Anyway, as many have already suggested, it turned out that they'd had a few interviews already which were a waste of time all round, so with the next batch, decided to undertake prior screening. They'd forgotten to mention it to the programme office, though, hence the *rse about t*t scheduling.

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    Sometimes they are just fishing too as the role sometimes isn't real or they are comparing outside people to internal candidates.....if you really want the role ask them to frame the context of the chat and take some questions into it for yourself that show you are keen on the role...the more enthusiasm you show the more they'll want to talk to you again !

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