Self-employed and a secondee? Self-employed and a secondee?
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    Default Self-employed and a secondee?


    I've just recieved my contract for a role in Europe, i've been hired by an engineering firm in Denmark to work at the EU. The contract says i am seconded by the client (the enginnering firm) to work at the EU but it also states that i am not employed by the client and that should be treated as self-employed.

    Forgive my legal ignorance but how can i be seconded from a company that i am not employed by?

    Basically the client are having issues with me working via an umbrella company as they don't want an agreement with a 3rd party whereas i'd prefer the umbrella option as its more efficient and less hassle than setting up as self employed here in luxebourg


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    You should get the contract checked out for legal terminology but basically they want you to be a subcontractor.
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