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To clarify I wasn't saying we were inside ir35 but that the perception could be it as the courts and tbh, people I know, always compare me to a plumber andsay I don't use my own stuff.
Yep I see what you are saying but using your own stuff is the very least of your problems.

I know my.contracts are outside but am never confident that ir35 can't be made to apply in these situations.
Exactly, hence the reason to know IR35 inside out, get your contract checked etc. It isn't impossible to mitigate the risk to virtually zero and sleep soundly.

Listening to other contractors in my office that haven't even heard of IR35 I would argue that a large majority of contractors have made themselves inside IR35 making it hard for us that try which is why it gets my goat so much. We have two I know of here that have asked to use the client expenses system as it is easier than doing it themselves... I am like WTF!?!?!?!

The fact you even know about IR35 and have though about it will put you in the top 10% of safe guys in my opinion.

im a boring windows infra guy on new technologies , btw.
I am a boring pen pusher quoting process all the time so think yourself lucky