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    Default Returning NHS workers

    Tax avoidance promoters targeting returning NHS workers (Spotlight 54) - GOV.UK

    Firstly, if you are returning to the NHS, you have our thanks and admiration. Please stay safe.

    Please read the above.

    Credit where credit is due, HMRC has acted to the extent of their remit and issued a warning about a scheme that is not in itself new but which has apparently been targeting returning staff.

    Prevention is better than cure.

    If you are a returning NHS worker you need to know that the tax rules started changing in April 2017 and you may not be familiar with how these now work.

    In the vast majority of instances, if you are returning to the NHS, that organisation will be obliged to tax you as an employee.

    If you are on the payroll, this will happen automatically.

    You may though be asked to join an "umbrella".

    The majority of these will also deduct the correct amount of tax and NIC.

    Some will not.

    Some will promise that you will keep 75% or more of your gross payments. In order to do that, they will be using some form of tax avoidance.

    HMRC knows this. If they think this is happening, they WILL make an enquiry. Chances are that they WILL be able to ask you for the tax you have avoided, especially if the scheme you used has magically sent money offshore or disappeared before it's time to pay the piper.

    My firm - WTT Consulting - is happy to offer anybody who is returning to the NHS the benefit of our views on what you may be tempted by - FREE OF CHARGE.

    Call us or use our info account and we will get back to you.

    Please - do NOT be tempted into tax avoidance.
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    Had HMRC accelerated and concentrated their efforts towards the promoters and sellers of these schemes, instead of the low hanging fruit. This and many other spotlights would not have been necessary and history tells us that there will be many NHS workers returning to work in order to help with the current global crisis, will fall for this and be in trouble further down the line.
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    Copied from the HMRC Enquiries Scheme forum.
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