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    I don’t think any of the Umbrellas has committed to anything more than “we’re waiting for further clarification”. It’s obviously not a priority as Millhouse already has his PR stunt in this area so expect nothing.

    Other than the admin fee issue there also seems to be an issue where someone has to go into print to confirm that the furlough is ‘due to COVID-19’. I can’t see a legal team in the land that will authorise this when it’s an optional question.

    I hope I’m proved very wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wary View Post
    Anyone with an Umbrella (or know of any) that have agreed to participate in the CJRS? I've just seen on the Brolly forum that Paystream has apparently agreed to furlough their employees, albeit at minimum wage. Mine (Contractor Umbrella) has so far declined to participate but I'm curious as to how many are.
    Mango - "Once we have our process in place we will be contacting the employees we will be furloughing"
    Fore:TWO - "if you were on a live assignment which has been interrupted or terminated due to the Coronavirus and you think you may be eligible to be furloughed. <>each claim we submit must include all employees that are due a furlough payment for that period. <>. Therefore, it is very important we know of all the people who are eligible to claim so we can process the payments as soon as possible."

    both are making encouraging signs but no clues if it will actually come to anything or if it's 80% of minimum wage or not

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