What is a Price Shopper? What is a Price Shopper?
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    Default What is a Price Shopper?

    Just exchanging emails with one of my neighbours, and she mentioned that another neighbour (a guy) makes a living as a Price Shopper.

    Any idea what this is? I didn't like to sound clueless, but I had never heard of it and conclusive Google results are non-existent.

    I can only assume that he locates hard-to-find specialist items on behalf of buyers, although the word "Price" suggests he hunts around for the cheapest available.

    Or is it more to do with those people who ferret out and take advantage of temporary offers, and buy for example lorry loads of loo rolls to sell on at a profit?
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    Certain Companies/web sites like to advertise the price difference between purchasing from themselves compared to their competitors (TV ads for Supermarkets spring to mind)

    To do this legally, they have to employ anonymous customers to visit their competitors to purchase a set basket of products & get a receipt

    They tend to be employed by the same companies that do the data mining on the store loyalty cards

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