Best Cheap Grub ? Best Cheap Grub ?
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    Default Best Cheap Grub ?

    Just had my first breakfast in Toby Carvery. They do breakfasts ?!
    Impressed, quite busy.

    £3.99 + £1.99 - unlimited food, unlimited coffee. All self service, constantly replenished. Meat and vegy options.
    Pay money at bar, get mug + cutlery handed over in return, find seat on own, help yourself as/when/as many times as like, leave when like - similar to Holiday Inn but more choice and no initial "Tea of Coffee" sir.
    No waiting, no messing around, no "bill please".

    Eaten lots. Probably full for the day now !
    Revelation was real filter coffee .. after years of overpriced Cappuccinos/lattes in Starbucks/Costa/Nero etc the taste was so refreshing.

    Any other 'low priced, get stuffed for day' eateries to recommend ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunnyInHades View Post
    Any other 'low priced, get stuffed for day' eateries to recommend ?
    Harvester pubs are quite good for that, "Free Salad" but that includes all sorts; pasta, garlic bread, dressings etc. You can almost fill up before your main meal arrives if you don't save enough room.

    Or Wetherspoons. Brunch Burger £6.99, includes any pint which can include real ale or cider (the good stuff in the boxes in the fridges).

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    Harvester do brek too. Not buffet but order what you like i.e. 5 sausages, 5 bacon, 5 eggs etc.
    Rhyddid i lofnod psychocandy!!!!

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    Best Cheap Grub ? has to be a McMuffin

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    Quote Originally Posted by psychocandy View Post
    order what you like i.e. 5 sausages, 5 bacon, 5 eggs etc.
    one day at a time

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    In Borehamwood, the Studio Cafe on Eltsree Way charges about £6.50 for many Italian meals. Some of the best lunchtime grub I have eaten anywhere. Quality is top.

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