Tasty small things Tasty small things
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    Default Tasty small things

    It's a fact of life that some of the best, most tasty things, are not that filling. You couldn't live off them, unless you were a sparrow, or some similar unfeasibly small bird.

    Take the pizza I made for the missus tonight as an example. It had tomato and basil base. mushrooms and tomato and pineapple. and loads of grated cheese.

    but the tasty bits were two little bits of an anchovy, and two little bits of a green chille.

    maybe if I hadn't burned it. in a drunken stupid
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    I always prefer whichever bits are most burnt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xoggoth View Post
    I always prefer whichever bits are most burnt.
    I'm betting anything from here would sate your appetite....

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