Shouldn't laugh, but I cant help it. Am I a bad person ?

Phoned my dear daughter last night, she was stood outside a cinema waiting to see the new James Bond filum.

Apparently they rang up for tickets, tickets were sold out.
Daughter says to son in law, 'look you did a lot of plastering work there, some painting. I did a paramedic job there and we had dinner with the manager a few years ago.'

So son in law rings the manager 'Hi it's Billy , I did such and such a load of work in the cinema, any chance of a seat tonight ?'
Manager - 'WHAO BILLY, I really owe you mate. Come straight round. front of the queue, I'll let you in myself. Best seats in the house.'

So they got dolled up, preened up, and whizzed around to the cinema. Strolled past the queue.
Son in law says to manager - 'hi mate. Its Billy, we just talked on the phone'

Manager - 'Fck off, I thought it was my mate Billy. Who the fck are you ?'

Queue starts laughing their nuts off.

There was a happy ending though. Manager feels such a d!ck, he lets them in anyway