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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllen View Post
    Yeah that's an extreme example.

    Anyway apparently more women over 40 in the UK have been giving birth than girls under 18 for the last two years.
    That's not necessarily a good thing (although if it includes a falling teen birth rate then that's a good thing).
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    how much?
    Assuming you're on the move then you'd have to factor in:
    Annual license.
    Safety certificate every 5 years (which is out of the water which again costs)
    Renew hull blacking every other year (out of the water again), more often of you're not careful.
    Regular engine servicing.

    Initial cost of the boat is dependant on age and condition but one that is 'live aboard' and reasonably new would be around £80K.
    If you lived on board full time you won't have to pay Council tax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d000hg View Post
    That's not necessarily a good thing (although if it includes a falling teen birth rate then that's a good thing).
    It was reported in the main stream press linky and linky

    I got the ages wrong at the lower end it's under 20 year olds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by northernladyuk View Post
    Sounds nice. One of the attractions of a narrow boat would be knowing that MF can't drop round.

    The after effects of MF "dropping round" your narrowboat!!

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