Impact of Budget 2016 Impact of Budget 2016
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    Default Impact of Budget 2016

    Is anyone thinking of raising their contract rates to lessen the impact of the new dividend tax setup?

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    Surely anyone always tries to raise their rate, whatever the tax situation. The fact is that if the client won't pay then we have to suffer the tax due.
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    Since clients are always happy to enforce rate cuts and generally keep costs as low as possible, to counter a general trend of falling rates, one has to try and push rates up as much as possible.

    So if the client will pay, of course, try to raise your rate. I suspect rates won't be going anywhere in future except down and down.

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    Increase your rates whenever you think you can. That said, changes in tax policy would be an odd reason (and an even worse justification to a client) to do that. In other words, if you think you can get more, why haven't you asked for it already?

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