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    Quote Originally Posted by SlipTheJab View Post
    Granted but no need to stick extra wood on the fire is there?

    And you mean?

    Syria isn't Tunisia. It's like saying that people in the UK have the same attitudes as France.
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    The press are picking up on the petition now.

    MORE than 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for the Government to immediately invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty - which would signal the start of the UK’s formal exit from the European Referendum.
    Petition calling for Government to get Britain out of the EU now passes 100,000 signatures | UK | News | Daily Express

    Maybe the heat of summer and the lack of progress might be a good excuse for some riots in London.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaunbhoy View Post
    These things generally work out fine. Once the grown-ups get involved. Worry not, it won't involve you as a backbone and initiative will be required. You can just carry on in charge of the Stationery cupboard or whatever equally pivotal role you currently perform safe in the knowledge that better and brighter people are charting our progress.

    So when are the grown-ups on the UK side getting involved?

    Tick tock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by northernladyuk View Post
    So when are the grown-ups on the UK side getting involved?

    Tick tock.
    It takes the UK 4 years to fix a clock using trained professionals, but using untrained amateurs with no plan, they think they can exit the EU in 18 months.
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