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    Default Duke of Manchester

    Duke of Manchester?

    Is it April 1st?

    I didn't know there were titled folks up there

    He even looks like a scally & is probably more at home wearing knocked off Kappa than all that ermine.

    But, apparently, he's for real and is a great ambassador for the region in the US of A

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcolm Buggeridge View Post
    Duke of Manchester?

    Is it April 1st?

    I didn't know there were titled folks up there ...
    No it's an old title, and there have been Earls of Manchester since Tudor times. I think one was on the Parliamentary side (i.e. a Roundhead) in the civil war.

    The Montagu family is descended from Drogo de Montaigu, one of the thugs who came over with Will Conk. So I guess this guy is just maintaining that tradition!
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    I thought this was about David Beckham.
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