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    As we now appear to be pretty much merging every thread into another thread so it appears no-one is creating any new ones (ie. Brexit, Daily Mail) I note there are some others we've not yet done.

    Can we ensure going forward that any 'Happy Birthday' threads are merged into one called 'Happy Birthday WGAS' & those who want to go in and see if anyone remembered can pop in and read the last few to see if anyone cares. This way we can reduce more threads.

    Alternatively, if we want to ensure that nobody creates a thread, you could always lock that ability or alternatively just close down General, promote Light Relief to the front forum and make sure everyone who's left just posts in TEST PLEASE DELETE 2. That way it will be much easier for you to be able to moderate & you won't need to merge any threads.

    I suggest we also create one just for Doogie. I would suggest we call it WGAS ABOUT WGAS.

    Yours in Anticipation

    WGAS anymore.
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    Shouldn't you be busy merging with some pies about this time of day?

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    Can we have a thread for all MF started threads please? How about "I was the worst mod ever"?
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