Good times or gloom and doom. Who knows? Good times or gloom and doom. Who knows?
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    Default Good times or gloom and doom. Who knows?

    Financial Fridays: The Stock Market is Bulltulip - Altucher Confidential

    But the reason we are alive as a species is because our ancestors who paid attention to bad news (a Lion running at you is very bad news) lived and the people who didn’t pay attention…died.

    The news knows this. So they put bad news in front of you all the time to scare you so they can sell subscriptions. Bad news and porn.

    The people who are happier and more successful, know that we are no longer in the jungle.

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    Bad news and porn.

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    As long as you not reading Daily Mail - you'll be ok - otherwise you'll turn into DimPrawn, second class shrimp with a joke for sense or humour.


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