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    Quote Originally Posted by NotAllThere View Post

    In the common law of England and Wales there is no criminal liability for failing to act in the event of another person being in danger; however, there are exceptions to this rule. In instances where there has been an assumption of responsibility by the bystander, a dangerous situation was created by them,

    The fact that he pleaded guilty is not that relevant to whether the law applies. There still has to be a legal basis for prosecution, which could well be the bit I've highlighted above. They were pissing about on the harbour wall while drunk and high (a dangerous situation created by their own actions), she fell in - he should have called for help at the very least.
    An assumption - he states that he cannot recall exactly how she entered the water to be fair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LondonManc View Post
    An assumption - he states that he cannot recall exactly how she entered the water to be fair.
    The only thing I can think it is linked to is an interpretation of the joint enterprise law.

    In other words because she fell into the water which may have partly been her fault because he was there and did nothing he was jointly responsible for assisting her death.
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    Meanwhile, in Venice....

    Refugee Drowns in Venice's Grand Canal as Tourists Film on Their Phones | Heat Street

    An investigation has been opened after an African refugee was left to drown in Venice’s Grand Canal as tourists on nearby boats filmed him on their phones, with some apparently laughing and making racist jokes.

    Video footage released on several Italian news sites shows the 22-year-old Gambian, later identified as Pateh Sabally, flailing in the icy waters of the city’s canal.

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