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    Quote Originally Posted by tomtomagain View Post
    I can believe that they are hacked off with you. But you have every right to be equally hacked off with them.

    I don't think it's unreasonable to be to want to know that the property you are buying actually belongs to them.

    Just think how stressful it would be if you purchased and then six months later someone emerges from the shadows claiming to own your garden?

    I had a situation where I bought a flat that had a converted attic bedroom - the vendor could not prove that it had been converted to the appropriate standard ( it had been done 15 years earlier ) and so the room was declared "void" ( not the real term, cannot remember what it was ) and the price of the bedroom removed from the sale price ( which dropped it around 15% ).

    I managed to get the requisite paperwork in place when I sold ... but it was a royal pain in the ass. An experience I would personally never repeat.

    So you could use it as a negotiating tactic. I.E You are only prepared to pay for what they can legally sell.

    It's their problem. They need to sort it out. No wonder they only want "Cash Buyers" .... sounds like they've hit this particular problem before.
    Thats the new property I've put an offer on, the issue there is that they want a quick sale but the local authority is taking 85 working days to process search applications. That's 4 months and it's completely scandalous.

    Doesn't help that the local MP is Oliver Wetwin. He's doing FA about it.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by OwlHoot View Post
    "The heating is electric ..."

    (thinking of your eleccy bills)

    ((although I suppose you could always switch to oil or gas))
    I think it could be the idea of gas with thatched roof that scared them off!

    It's a lovely, unspoilt Cornish seaside village. The beach at the bottom of the road is National Trust and the river that flows into the Atlantic there keeps the Newquay riff-raff out.
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