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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
    However it will not apply to the UK after Brexit as mobile operators will then be free to charge what they want.
    Indeed. UK government will apply an entirely free market after BrExit. And bread will rise to £10 a loaf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Equalizer View Post
    Prior to New Labour letting anyone and everyone into the UK we were paying, on average, £60K for a house*. That's no small amount.

    Actually, you're right, approximately £5K is a mind bending rip off. Here's hoping we get a good deal.

    *plus dropping interest rates to the floor.
    Since the house prices were 60K the population has increased by 5 million, the contribution from the EU was 1 million. I'm not convinced that this extra million has made a great deal of difference to house prices.
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