Don't get ill in Cumbria Don't get ill in Cumbria
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    Default Don't get ill in Cumbria

    and ask the police for help - linky

    And it has to end with -

    "The constabulary will review this incident and will take on board any learning."
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    Joe Bloggs calls their insurance company...

    JB: "I'd like to make a claim on my car insurance"

    IC: "Please describe the nature of the incident"

    JB: "My local constabulary blew it up"

    IC: ".....Pardon??"

    JB: "I was taken ill, my local bobby helped me out and parked my car outside the police station. It was then cordoned off an blown up as a security risk"

    IC: "Ah...your insurance doesn't cover this, good bye."

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    "The officers who dealt with this morning's incident did so with public safety in mind "

    Nope, they did it with thumb in ear and brain in neutral, but well done for remembering to quote "public safety" as a universal get-out for any form of incompetence.
    His heart is in the right place - shame we can't say the same about his brain...

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