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    Default Contactless cards

    Seems like old news according to the link below but only saw about it yesterday on a BBC program. Even after you have cancelled a lost or stolen card, fraudsters can carry on using them in contactless transactions.

    Contactless card fraud warning: Crooks can use them MONTHS after cancellation

    Worrying lack of proper scrutiny by the banks, yet again. The lady interviewed in the program said the banks were reluctant to address the problem, she had to carry on making a fuss before they addressed the issue.

    PS Not as bad as this though:

    Unemployed man goes to bed with 90p in Barclays bank account and wakes up £1.2MILLION overdrawn - Mirror Online

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    Didn't we have a story about an Aussie lad who found he had an unlimited overdraft? I might try my accounts tonight, see what happens...

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