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    Quote Originally Posted by scooterscot View Post
    The liberal in me does not use the term 3rd world.
    And does this gentleman have a name?
    Where there's muck there's brass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DimPrawn View Post
    I'm starting to get worried now......shall I cancel the order for a new Bentley and make do with an S Class and muddle through?

    I've already scrapped my new Porsche for a Jag or Aston (dependent on engine). Shame. Lovely cars but the Germans are no longer competitive. At least it's the German economy that's being hit and not ours.

    Even as we are growing the Eurozone can't even meet previous estimates. The Eurozone as a whole and Germany in particular downgraded. Shame.
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    Generally companies give money to their employees
    And farms them out/ makes huge profits from their exploitation. Let's see, your ltd co 'pays' you the max allowable for 0 tax and farms you out at a daily rate far in excess of that, correct? It's the business model used the world over (but this is an outlier as you're the one reaping the benefits of the model).

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