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    Quote Originally Posted by Fronttoback View Post
    You're best off out of it mate. Couple of puckers and a bit of billy at Sundance doesn't qualify you to advise.

    Have you got your Fred Perry on today? Get a grip.
    You're questioning the level of chemical experience MMM has?

    That's like questioning the level of alcohol experience Gazza has.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist

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    Quote Originally Posted by europetractor View Post
    There is just so much to learn in between contracts. We as developers are always automating things and in effect we are working to destroy our profession by steadily shifting it to AI. So there is more programmers out of work and there is always more and more frameworks to learn. This results in a constant need to study in between contracts at the expense of your own health. For that reason I have been trying to move away from the profession of IT learning ... with no success.
    Put down that bifter and get with the program duuude. Get into a contracting niche. Keeping up with the latest skills is for youngsters. Milk a niche for a decade and retire early (or do something else). That's the only game in town for a programmer.

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