OK who was this? OK who was this?
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    Default OK who was this?

    Inconsiderate parker returns to car to find VERY rude note | Daily Mail Online

    What a 'selfish throbber'! Inconsiderate parker returns to their car to find a VERY rude note branding them a 's***k trumpet' taped to the windscreen
    Note which was left taped to car windscreen also called them a 'spunk trumpet'
    The printed A4 note was spotted on a car near the Screwfix head office in Yeovil
    Similarly angry note calling a parker a 'thunder w*****' was put online last week
    it was pretty boring till I saw this

    'Its in the Highway Code. Visit www.highwaycode.co.uk if you need anymore guidance.

    'Please park responsibly you c***womble!'
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