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    Quote Originally Posted by tarbera View Post
    No brainer, but get the 'offer' into a signed contract before you jump ship

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    15 years good standing v 8 weeks bad mark?

    A contract is bilateral. Lack of loyalty is as well.

    Each man for himself these days. A WFH at a higher rate? With an existing client?

    Factor in the economies of a WFH get it in writing and go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spuggie View Post
    There is the likelihood that the end of the contract will involve a lot of long hours and weekends to deliver on time. Although the start dates are slipping the PM is not budging on the end date!
    Just to play Devils Advocate

    Did you commit to meeting a specific date within your contract?
    Have you agreed within your contract to work extended hours/weekends in order to deliver to that date? (If so, as a Ltd company how did you plan to provide the resources for those hours - think worse case 24x7!)

    If it was no to both then why should you think you would even have to work long hours yourself?
    The project target date is the PMs problem not yours, he has (should have) the ability to bring in extra resources to meet those dates so on that basis it's not really a reason to jump ship is it!

    However if the PM or 'senior' manglement are beginning to make assumptions of your obligations outside your contact then I think you have pretty good reason to say sorry nope that's not in our contact and Foxtrot Oscar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spuggie View Post
    I knew what I was up for posting in general, hence saying I'm not up for Contractor porn. It was meant in jest, I'm not offended easily.

    I like the idea of blocking the bog on the way out. A gift that will keep on giving?

    I guess it's a general consensus to walk then? I'd rather their project screws up after I leave, not when I'm responsible for it.
    hey you are doing them a favour, ready made scapegoat.
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