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I prefer THIS List.......I have done all of these.....

1) Get Married
2) Have Kids
3) Run a Marathon
4) Visit the Taj Mahal
5) Climb a structure of at least 50 metres in Height
6) Go down a Salt Mine
7) Visit the Great Wall of China
8) Dive into water from at least 5 metres
9) Visit Stonehenge
10) Run a lap of an Olympic Stadium
11) Go up the tallest building in the World
12) Visit the Pyramids at Giza
13) Donate Blood
14) Break a major bone in your body
15) See your favourite football team become European champions (live or on tv)
16) Score 180 at Darts
17) Attend a music festival
18) Take a helicopter ride
19) Have sex on a train (with someone else)
20) Go skinny dipping
21) Throw a hand grenade
22) Visit Auschwitz
23) Score a hat-trick playing football
24) Experience a full solar eclipse
25) Jump into a pool fully clothed
26) See a volcano
27) Throw a coin into the Trevi fountain
28) Climb the Eiffel Tower
29) Get an Eagle whilst playing Golf
30) Visit Colditz Castle
31) Fire a gun
32) Waterski
33) Ski down a Black Run
34) Ride on an elephant
35) Own a Dog
36) Read 100 Books
37) Travel somewhere alone
38) Ride on a Camel
39) See the Wailing Wall
40) Buy a House
41) See the Leaning Tower of Pisa
42) Eat snails and frogs legs
43) Watch a meteor shower
44) Write a journal
45) Be a Best Man
46) Meet a member of the Royal Family
47) Visit the Valley of the Kings
48) Try Drugs
49) Drive at over 100 mph
50) Own your own business
#14: Does "Break a major bone in someone else's body" count?
#19: If it was on the tube at rush hour, how long does one have to remain on the sex offenders register?