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    Quote Originally Posted by BlasterBates View Post
    He conveniently forgot to mention that the only imminent break up on the cards is the UK. Scotland is going to leave the UK and take the oil fields with them.

    If I were a Scot I'd know who I'd rather side with. Let's think about this, the UK or SNP/Greens. Hmmm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by original PM View Post
    Nah invite the EU to join the UK?
    Can't really see a downside. It would completely eliminate EU immigration, 'cos we'd be one big country.
    Hmm. I'm beginning to suspect that you need to find all the packing the computer came in...

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    Quote Originally Posted by darmstadt View Post
    The UK already had more concessions than any other EU country, cake, eat it...
    Well that may or may not be true.

    But by failing to address the concerns of a significant part of the population the second largest budget contributor to the EU has started the exit process.

    Political organisations that fail to respond to the wishes of the population they govern always fail.

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