Tory Brexit DOOM™: Taylor review Tory Brexit DOOM™: Taylor review
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    "Hammond was right to raise tax for self-employed, inquiry likely to say

    The chancellor was correct to announce a tax increase on the self-employed before dramatically withdrawing from his main budget pledge, an independent inquiry into modern employment practices is likely to conclude.

    Matthew Taylor, the chief executive of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) who has been appointed by the prime minister to lead the review, told MPs on Wednesday that he supported Philip Hammond’s since aborted budget announcement and would look to go further by recommending a levelling of the taxation between different classes of workers.

    Appearing in front of the Commons work and pensions committee, Taylor said: “It is likely that two of the strategic shifts we will advocate [in the final report due in June] is that over time we will need to move towards a more consistent way of taxing labour.” He said that over a period of years “we need to get to a position where it doesn’t really matter how you are employed, the system treats you in a very similar kind of way."
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