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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllen View Post
    Only the English pay.
    That's ok then

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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllen View Post
    You need to get a smaller office and make everyone work at home if possible.

    That's what my client does and a few other people's employers I know do. That means when you do go into an office you don't have a desk and have to find someone who isn't in to use.
    Or become "cuckoos in the nest" at clients' offices. In the past I've worked for small clients whose own offices are barely larger than broom cupboards, because they contrive to base themselves pretty much entirely and full time in their clients' offices (which is often an advantage for the clients as well, as support is prompt).
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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllen View Post
    Only taxpayers in England pay, a great many of whom are NOT English.
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