Looks like Yahoo email search is completely broken Looks like Yahoo email search is completely broken
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    Default Looks like Yahoo email search is completely broken

    My sole reason for persevering with ponderously slow Yahoo email, besides a myriad of contacts who have my Yahoo email address, is because a lot of useful info can (or could) be found with title searches in past emails.

    But now the quick search and "Advanced" search invariably return "no results found", even when I know for a fact they are there and were found in the past.

    Or maybe they have changed the search facility to be available only with the paid "no ads" option? If so then it would be helpful to at least inform their long-suffering users of that.

    Fat chance I'll pay for Yahoo email when I can just migrate to gmail or gmx.com !

    Anyone else found the same?
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    Works fine for me. I can search for mails from someone or with key words in the title and the results are there straight away.
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    Migrate to Gmail. It can suck all your old emails over IIRC. If not you can migrate using an IMAP client. Set up a forward from your Yahoo to Gmail. Sorted innit!

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