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    Default RBS Employment Screening

    Hello all

    I am posting on here hoping for some peace of mind.
    Had a telephone and face to face interview with RBS for a collections role and both went well.
    Waiting for confirmation of face to face interview being successful.
    Once this is complete, there is a standard credit/reference check. This is my worry!
    The credit check is eating away at me, and I might be over worrying myself for nothing, which is what everyone keeps telling me.

    I don't hold ANY CCJs, bankruptcy, defaults, ect, nothing serious along those lines.
    The only things which will show are some missed payments over the years and a couple recently, although these have been paid last week. One payment has also been arranged to be paid in 2 weeks, my credit score isn't great because of these missed payments.

    Will the few missed payments be a problem for me to pass?
    What do RBS look for which causes a fail?

    ANY info or advice will be greatly appreciated!!
    Very hard not to worry when u want something so badly!

    Thanks guys x

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    A few missed payments doesn't make you much of a risk. If you were deep in debt and have a long history of not being able to manage your money you'd they'd be exposing themselves risk letting you on their systems.

    I think you'll be fine but there is nothing you can do about it but tell them the truth and wait.

    Stop missing payments in future
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    Nothing to worry about credit checks.

    However you should worry about a couple of other things: -

    1. You might not be offered the role. Keep looking round(probably until you start the gig).
    2. The time it takes to complete credit, crb, reference, etc. checks keeps going up. At the moment I am 5 weeks since offered a gig. Start date already pushed back once. Client is using Employment Background Checks, Background Screening | HireRight . A totally incompetent bunch of idiots. I am sure I will start in June. 2018....

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    Default RBS Employment Screening

    No worry what so ever, RBS changed the policy a few years ago as so many were failing (for pointless reasons) now they only credit check 1 in 10 people

    Missed payments they care not a jot

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