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Thread: Which Rucksack?

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    Its far easier to split your need and have an ultra small day case that has no space for unnecessary
    crap like 4 million cables and chargers. then have a small overnight bag that will cover 3 days of shirts etc. that way you only have to carry loads of crap when you arrive or leave.

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    So glad I pay £100 a week for Monday to Thursday lodgings, where I can leave stuff in my room over the weekend, park right outside and drive door to door between there and clientco and home, so I needn't bother with all this bag nonsense.
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    Can't see why one would worry about the bag design, especially if someone else carry's it for one anyway

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    Got one of these too if I need to carry more stuff around
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halo Jones View Post
    Next project is a train commute away so I too was looking at laptop backpacks, just could not find anything that fitted the size / style I wanted.

    So I have designed one; it’s currently in mid construction, parts cut, need to do some dye samples to get the colour I want.

    Suede & leather combo with contrasting colours & stitching, with laptop compartment, space for handbag, lunch bag & book, and separate compartments for travel card, water bottle & smokes. Hardware in antique bronze colour, brown suede, leather parts colour TBC with Celtic knot engraving.

    This way I get what I want & it’s unique.

    Yes I do, do commissions but it’s not cheap; a decent leather laptop bag is c£500 & will take 4-6 weeks.
    Sounds fab, needs pics when its done!

    I took a walk Oxford Street and was impressed with these guys Sandqvist, although they only had the smaller version in stock, but they do a 22l and a 27l which should do the job, in both looks and function.

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    I have one a bit like this one:

    Has lasted me three years. 15" laptop, ipad, leads and a load of main storge space which I hardly ever use but could easily fit a days worth of clothes in. 36L.

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    Why not go retro and get a good old 1970s haversack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllen View Post
    That's tiny.

    Mind you I also have a large handbag to put make up in.
    It is way too small, quite a bad buy tbh. I can pack light but it's full with two dresses and a pair of heels. Not acceptable.

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