Chiswell insurance? Chiswell insurance?
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    Default Chiswell insurance?

    Hi guys,

    I'm just wondering, has anyone ever used Chiswell insurance? I'm looking for business insurance (professional indemnity cover and personal liability cover). Chiswell's reviews look good but thought I'd get a second opinion here

    Best quote i'm getting is Chiswell insurance (£179.54, followed by Hiscox: £220). AXA quoted me £290!

    Field of work will be IT contracting.



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    Never heard of them. I'm with QDOS. They do a lot of products for contractors so I'm happier going with them a generic offering. Probably no different and very unlikely you'll need it anyway so up to you.
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    A few points first read this post on how to use this forum - linky You are lucky it is a weekend otherwise you would have had the p*ss taken out of you.

    Secondly regarding the business insurance who is the underwriter? For example AXA tend to underwrite their own policies there as QDOS and some other brokers professional indemnity insurance is underwritten by HCC International.

    What is the excess? Some companies have no excess, others have £200 and others £500. However if you are unlikely to claim having an excess of £0 is pointless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllen View Post
    You are lucky it is a weekend otherwise you would have had the p*ss taken out of you.
    It would be a great pity if someone were to fluff the thread Monday morning and give the regulars fresh meat.....
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