Should the EU be making progressive scientific constructions like this? Should the EU be making progressive scientific constructions like this? - Page 3
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    Quote Originally Posted by vetran View Post
    There are probably only a thousand people in the world who would work on this sort of project, there are millions of builders.
    Although apparently there will be a few less in the UK soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by milanbenes View Post
    the clever thing is, the location, imagine if that was located in the UK, all that investment, all those jobs, have a look on their web page, the "Project" has a 20 years timeline just to get to the point where they switch on the machine !!

    after Brexit there'll be no chance of Britain hosting projects like that.

    Shame, but, hey, exporting to the commonwealth and former Empire countries will more than make up for silly projects like that

    You mean like this?

    Or this? About Us - Diamond Light Source

    Or this? SKA Project | The University of Manchester | Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics

    Or this? Rutherford Appleton Laboratory - Science and Technology Facilities Council

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