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    Quote Originally Posted by d000hg View Post
    Has revenue rocketed with the cuts over previous years?

    Big boys don't pay CT, so reduction is direct "loss" to Treasury, which is why they massively increased dividend tax (plus to drag pensioners who were forced to invest into shares after bank interest dried up).

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    Quote Originally Posted by OwlHoot View Post
    Are they still pledging the 10,000 extra police officers which Diane Abbot had fully costed?

    Is this more or less of an incident than a promised reduction and eventual abolition of 'The Defecit'? It isn't happening and was a con to get you to sign-up and authorise a Conservative idealogy against the poor, disenfranchised, and disabled. Most people would say an extremely minor gaff in comparison!

    The Tories went on an austerity drive, denigrating the truly disabled and truly dis-enabled, and you lapped it up. When I read comments such as yours, above, it reminds me that you prefer to concentrate on isolated gaffs than the true ethos of the party you are about to vote for, assuming you vote based on the posts you make on this forum.

    How to change your mind? Go do charity work for different charities involving abuse, homelessness and people who've been dealt a bad hand in life, often due to bad parents/partners. I assure you it will change your appreciate of your own life and the way in which you view other people who aren't in as good as position as yourself.

    One attitude: "tough luck for them!"
    Correct attitude: "Let's enable those people to get back on their feet."

    Although many are in wheelchairs and can't do so; they will soon receive the same paltry amount someone on Job Seeker's Allowance. It takes them two or three times as long to get ready in the morning for work, due to the difficulty of living their life, and that is WITHOUT attending prejudiced job interviews that they can often not receive due to a physical condition they did, more often than not, not choose and did not want.

    Cheers bro.

    Oh, and I notice your type also don't seem all that bothered that the UK enables multinationals to avoid appropriate corporate tax by maintaining your Gibraltar and Cayman islands. Little seems said of that these days - paradoxical.

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    Mrs BP and her friends are spitting mad. One sentence on children with SEN. 4 paragraphs on gay rights.
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